Tuesday, April 26, 2011

sick site for sourcing

If you're in recruiting or sourcing you should look at this site every once in a while. 


I'm going to the next conference, its on the west coast but its totally worth it.  Hit me up on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/search/linuxboys and let me know if you're going to be there.  Anyway back to the site.

Tweet this!

So if you're not on twitter you're probable still talking about the old days when you use to fax resumes.  Get with it.  Its not a fad, its not going to sputter out and fade away there are over 140 million tweets a day.  Here is how I use it to find people.

Go to followerwonk.com

This site is great.  Type in what you're looking for but make sure it will mesh with what people will list as their twitter description.  If you're looking for a software developer you should type "hacker" or "iphone developer" and then choose a location like NYC.  It will produce a list of all tweeters and you can go to town following their profiles.

Once I go to their twitter page most of them list their personal website which has .......wait for it........their email address and cell phone number.  Boom!  You're in. 

P.S. make sure you follow all searched candidates friends as well.  the more you follow the more will follow you.


I'm an agency recruiter that made the switch to the corp side of the world. I'm recruiting for technology and sales candidates in NYC.  Please read this blog with a sense of humor because there is not job out there that is funnier than this.  Here are some anecdotes and fun tips to make you a better recruiter.  Please contact me if you have any questions or thoughts.